exhibitions archive: windows on the water


Windows on the Water

These works, created in an overlapping fashion at the trailing end of Hydrothermal Dreams, combine elements discovered from working with Light Snares and at those steamy hot springs.

Photographer's Statement

Photographs for this project have evolved out of an interest in the contemplative quality of a ferryboat environment and the translucent nature of light on Puget Sound. The goal has become one of exploring the relationship of this meditative factor to the emanant qualities of light and water as they merge with the transparency and reflection upon reflection caused by the many layers of glass on a ferry.

As these layers converge within one's contemplation, the interaction of people afloat, en route to their destination in a confined environment, becomes a metaphor that can inspire inner reflecting. The windows' complex reflections quickly and continuously change while at the same time the surrounding water and vibrations of the ferry mesmerize your subconscious into a feeling that nothing is changing.

These conflicting perceptions and the captive nature of this ride can produce a mindset much like a dream. Once transformed into this "trance state" the mind separates from the body as our gaze wanders from the reflections on nearby glass panes to shimmering reflections more distantly viewed through that same glass.

Now, fully absorbed by these luminous layers, we let our whole being float. Vaguely we attach our presence to these panes and like reflections on the glass, we ride these windows on the water.