exhibitions archive: point with interest


Point With Interest

This was an opportunity to put together a group of images from various travels within the States which represent something unique about the way I see things that pass my way.

Photographer's Statement

The journey ...where will we go; what will we see? On the map there are symbols; one is point of interest, "mmm interesting...National Monument, let's go there!" We arrive; are given a map. Details that were hidden from our Rand McNally are clearly printed along with more symbols, among them photo opportunity. Imagine if the only points of interest were those signed along the highway or marked on our maps.

Fortunately, interest is something created from within which excites our attention or curiosity. We see with the interest of our own eyes; our own hearts, that which is given for us all to behold. In life the interesting points are not all mapped and marked with arrows, we must explore. Through experience, we learn that the significance of points along our journey comes to us through the "vision" of our inner being. Seeing something of interest then is an accomplishment of directing our inner vision outward — to point with interest.